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December 19, 2008
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Strawberry Milkshake sys icons by kittenbella Strawberry Milkshake sys icons by kittenbella
Strawberry Milkshake- system icons

*80 ICONS TOTAL! -----> PNG & ICO format

~Strawberry Milkshake icons are soft, smooth, simple, & logical

~they are color coded: aside from the primary, "Strawberry
Milkshake" colored icons, the apps are cocoa colored, &
the files are broken down into separate groups, each w/
its own color:
>IMAGE FILES: rasberry pink
>AUDIO FILES: cotton candy pink
>MOVIE/VID FILES: peachy pink
>WEB FILES: smoked brown
>DEFAULT/DOC FILES: cappuccino
>ARCHIVE FILES: hot tropical fuchsia

~they are "logical: there are so many times where i'll find the perfect icon set to go with my customized set-up- yet while in the midst of assigning the various icons to my folders & such, i will get stuck- and a handful of my folders will end up potentially icon-less, as none of the icons from the set seem to match or make sense with said folders- some of which have rather unusual, or non-generic, names. I hate that! It results in either me editing the icon(s) OR selecting from another, hopefully nicely coordinated, set. With Strawberry Milkshake i tried to not only include a number of "misc", or more universal, icons, (which could then be used for folders with which none of the other icons match), but also more than one version of an icon- for example, there are 3 different types of "favs" icons, and 2 for "brushes" - some people may have more than one folder for brushes, for example, and may want each to have its own icon. All of the "regulars" are there- the default icons seen in most sets- but i also tried to think beyond that- think about my own particular issues ive encountered with icons- and then hopefully resolve them as much as possible.

I will eventually release a Strawberry Milkshake- part 2 set- if you guys need icons for something in particular, leave a comment stating what it is, and ill see if i can;t incorporate it in the 2nd set!

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so cuteeee <3
Beautiful, very cute colours.
cute!!! i appreciate you uploading these, thanks!
PinkFlavours Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like these, but how do you use them..? I feel dumb..
ggraciela Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
is so cute...thanks so much i love pink
have great day
it's very beautiful ^^
it's really thing u can but it like icons :boing:
omg, love it so much, you're so nice to share this with us!
thanks so much
im not sure how to install them though!!!
This awesome design was featured on! [link]
Yay ~

Finally found a new icons for my desktop

Thanks alot ,like your work :D
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